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Cilson, In the year 1975, a great visionary Late Shri Chimman Lal Gupta with his three sons Surendra Kumar, Late Shri Dinesh Kumar and Rakesh Kumar laid the foundation of CILSON- the Toy pistol manufacturers. It was his vision that today, we are one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of Toy Pistols with more than 50 varieties in our arsenal. Toy Pistols which we manufacture are the best available in the market but also at a cheaper price. We have been able to maintain this due to the fact that we have a state-of-the-art manufacturing process with a dedicated team on the watch round the clock.

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Later on, carrying his great vision forward, we started our another unit exclusively for Locks in the year 2007 with the brand name Cilson. It hit the deck with the bang and we are now one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Pad Locks with offering more than 17 varieties. Our Locks are so unique that we maintain the state that there will be special key for every lock. It means-One Key for One Lock. We use high grade Iron and Brass to produce highest quality locks because Quality is our forte. We have a policy in place- Don’t compromise with quality. Our locks are extraordinarily durable, have longer life with double lock mechanism in place.

Carrying forward the Legacy of ‘Cilson- the brand’, Mr. Rakesh Kumar ‘Cilson’ is spearheading the Manufacturing Division with able support of Neeraj Varshney and Ankur Varshney. And under the persevered guidance of Mr. Surendra Kumar Gupta, Head of Marketing Division, Shekhar ‘Cilson’, Neeraj Varshney, Deepak Kumar Varshney and Ankur Varshney has covered whole of India and are now planning to expand overseas.











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