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  • Excel Net Computer Education

    Excel Net Computer Education

    Become a part of National Computer Literacy

    Visits 1153

    An organization which was established as the auspicious day of 15 th August 1994 giving India another gift or its freedom celebration. It is sponsored by Social Welfare Vocation Society. It was formed by a group a talented and experienced professional who paid more need to the service of mankind rather to business motives. Computer Education was given a new meaning and was made available to all sections of the society be it rich or poor, adult or children , no one was neglected.

     Contact Person: Navin K. Goyal
     Address:II Floor, Shreyas Gramin Bank Complex, Masoodabad, G.T. Road, Aligarh-202001
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  • GMAS Abacus Classes

    GMAS Abacus Classes


    Visits 1598

    GMAS, a pioneer organization in ABACUS Education in India, is an internationally well-known powerful Brain Development Program, which will effectively activate children's latent mental power and develop Mental & Creative Skills and Photographic Memory resulting in Self-reliance and Self-confidence.

     Contact Person: Nidhi Bhargava
     Address:Opposite Bhargava Petrol Pump, Sarai Rehman, G.T.Road, Aligarh-202001
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  • Mukil's Englio

    Mukil’s Englio

    Speak English in Style

    Visits 1100

    Speak English. Build your Confidence. Enhance your personality. We at Mukil's Englio make a leader out of you though skilled training.

     Contact Person: Md. Mukil
     Address:1st Branch Off: Madhupuria Bhawan, Near Devetrya Hospital, Ramghat Road, Aligarh 2nd Branch Off: Near Hotel Mahajan Complex, Ramghat Road, Aligarh
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  • Green Crescent Public School

    Green Crescent Public School

    Visits 929

    Established in 1994 under Kulsoom Educational Society (Regd.) By Prof. Mohammad Mohsin, the school has made great strides in achieving its stated objective providing value-based education at pre-primary, primary and middle level.

     Telephone:+91 571-2700673
     Address:Medical Road, Dodhpur, Aligarh 202001
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    Visits 2174

    Fashion today is as much about the look as the people behind the look. As much about the people who sport the look, create it or even conceptualize it. Fashion is a contemporary context is a statement.

     Contact Person: Shamim Akhtar
     Telephone:+91 571 3262707
     Mobile:+91 9897282707
     Address:C-3, Mahavir Park Extension, Near Atrauli Bus Stand, Aligarh 202001, UP India
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  • Syed Coaching Centre

    Syed Coaching Centre

    VI to X +2 Commerce & Science

    Visits 2769

    VI to X +2 Commerce & Science (Regular Classes All Subjects), Private 10th A.M.U. only for women. Home Tutorial also avaiable

     Contact Person: S Khalid Ahmad
     Telephone:+91 9557931153
     Mobile:+91 9759210843
     Address:Behind Anwar Villa, Infront Azim Homes, Mallah Nagla Road, Dodhpur, Aligarh
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  • Shree Vinayak Competitive Classes

    Shree Vinayak Competitive Classes

    A Place where we Shape your Abilities into Success ......!!!

    Visits 2103

    श्री VINAYAK COMPETITIVE CLASSES was founded in 2001 by N K MISHRA as VINAYAK CHEMISTRY CLASSES at durgabari aligarh. The coaching was established with the aim to teach chemistry for IIT JEE and other competitive exams. The coaching was rechristened as VINAYAK COMPETITIVE CLASSES and upgraded to become a coaching to teach physics, chemistry and mathematics in 2009.

     Contact Person: Manoj Arya, N K Mishra,
     Mobile:+91 9897252862, 9412177475,
     Address:Near Shanti Nursing Home, Suman Sarovar, Ramghat Road Aligarh
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  • Drishti


    The Science Vision

    Visits 3550

    Drishti Institute is a premier educational coaching institute in Aligarh. We have professionally qualified and highly competent teachers to offer student coaching on chemistry.

     Contact Person: Naresh Rajput
     Telephone:+91 571 3291846
     Mobile:+91 9319685017, 8791002022
     Address:Ganiyawali Place, A-16C, Mansarovar Colony, Mandirwali Gali, Ramghat Road, Aligarh
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  • Gurukul Institute

    Gurukul Institute

    The place to learn

    Visits 3619

    Join us for high score in board & competative exams.Best faculty from Kanpur and Kota at one place. Scholarship SC/ST/Meritious Students

     Contact Person: Dr Manish Kumar, Dr BadruL Hasan
     Mobile:+91 9045432996
     Address:Opp. P.K. Sharma Eye Hospital, Near Eden Garden, Ramghat Road, Aligarh
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  • PS JEE Classes

    PS JEE Classes

    The way to success...

    Visits 2579

    IIT,AIEEE,AMU etc, +XI, XII Mathematics (100%) + Chemistry, Physics

     Contact Person: Pawan Singh
     Mobile:+91 9897172738
     Address:3/360 D, New Niranjanpuri, Behind Eden Garden, Ramghat Road, Aligarh 202002
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    Rating: 3.2/5 (6 votes cast)
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