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We would like to introduce our company JYOTI OVERSEAS as a manufacturers and exporters of Builders Hardware. In 1968 a company named Jyoti Metal & Trading Co., was started which was involved in Manufacturing & Supplying Mortise Case both Lever Lock and Euro Lock & Pad Locks under the brand name JYOTI and explored markets of the north eastern part of India, and even markets of adjoining small countries like Burma, Bhutan & Bangladesh.

After years of experience company gradually grew and an other company named JYOTI OVERSEAS was established which started dealing in the field of Builders Hardware exploring world wide markets.

JYOTI OVERSEAS is relatively a young company and dedicated to quality workmanship, as we all know that quality work is not an accident but it is the result of intelligent efforts, and the efforts are going on ever since the company came into existence for long lasting quality, services and just as important products priced well within each.

We believe in satisfying our buyers with quality products and competitive prices. We forward our hands towards such quality conscious companies who care for our efficiencies. We have a team of 100 workers consisting of both skilled & unskilled persons (WE DO NOT KEEP CHILD LABOUR) and are keen of clean and healthy working conditions.

We have fully equipped workshop consisting of Power Presses, Hand Presses, Drill Machines, Lath Machine, Milling Machines (both vertical & horizontal), Surface Grinder, Bench Grinder, Lancer Machines, Polish Machines, Vibrator, Ultrasonic Degreaser, Skin Packing Machine, Backing Oven, Compressor, and Electrophoretic Lacquer Unit.

We are using the latest technology for polishing and finishing our products through vibratory debarring and finishing machines using Italian plastics & ceramics media and then each piece is hand polished for unmatched mirror like fine finish through hand polishing machine to maintain standard and uniform quality.

Above all we wash all the Brass products in Ultrasonic degreasing plant using trichloroethylene chemical to remove dust particles from each piece before applying lacquer, and bake for a long lasting finish.

Our mission is to provide high quality, safe and reliable products as per international standards to our customers. We apply Polyurethane based chemicals & lacquer of DU PONT through Electrophoretic process on our products for long life against atmospheric influences as well as from every day wear and tear.

Apart from Brass casting & Forging products, we are capable of manufacturing sheet metal products in Brass and M S Steel. We provide different finished like; Brass Polished Lacquer, Antique Brass, Chrome, Mat Nickel, Black Chrome, Powder Coating etc. depending upon the requirements.



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Ashish Nayyar


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C-134, Sector-1 U.P.S.I.D.C. Industrial Estate Tala Nagri, Ramghat Road Aligarh-202001 (U.P.) INDIA


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