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  • Polsun Locks

    Polsun Locks

    Visits 1588

    Door Locks Manufacturer

     Contact Person: Suresh Sharma
     Address:F 263, Sector 1 , Tala Nagri
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  • Harrison Locks

    Harrison Locks

    Visits 1675

    HARRISON LOCKS a name which is synonymous with Locks for over 50 years, Harrison Locks has been the Leaders in trade of Locks in India. Recently, Harrison has introduced a new range of contemporary design & products and we call them

     Contact Person: Mr. Vman Monga
     Telephone:+(91)-(11)-58508156 , +(91)-(11)-23629250
     Address:XIII/5612, Gandhi Market, Sadar Bazar, New Delhi - 110006, Delhi, India
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  • Home Fit Enterprises

    Home Fit Enterprises

    Locks n Hardware

    Visits 1153

    Manufacturer and supplier of door fitting, cabinet fitting, window fitting , locks and other building material.

     Contact Person: Aqeel Ahmad
     Mobile:+91 8650111100
     Address:A-175, Kela Nagar Crossing, Civil Lines, Aligarh-202 001. INDIA
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  • Supra Products

    Supra Products

    Visits 1625

    Supra Products was founded by Mr. MANOJ KUMAR ARORA , young entrepreneur with clear vision and energetic skill in the field of Mortise Locks, Handles & Builders Hardware Products. He is supported by his younger brother Mr D. K. ARORA.

     Contact Person: manoj arora
     Telephone:571 6550406
     Address:c123 124, sector 1 , tala nagri, aligarh 202001
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  • Daisy Locks

    Daisy Locks

    Merigold Doors King

    Visits 1722

    Mfrs. & Supp. :- Mortise Lock, Pin Cylinderical Lock, Dead Lock, Door Lock, Latches, Mortise Handles Stainless Steel

     Contact Person: P.S. Chauhan
     Telephone:+91 9837040102
     Mobile:+91 9837692119
     Address:C 208 Sector 1, Tala Nagri UPSIDC, Ramghat Road Aligarh
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  • Duke Locks

    Duke Locks

    Locks Manufacturer

    Visits 2990

    Duke Locks India( Adarsh Industries:- Manufacturer ) is one of the leading and reputable manufacturers and exporters of locks related accessories, Mortice Lock, Dead Lock (Bullet S.S.), Dead Lock(Brass), Dead Lock Pin Cylinder, Cupboard Lock, Dyna(Regular), Dyna(Two in One), Bullet, Bullet(Two in One), Door Lock, Night Latch, Night Latch Pin Cylinder S.S. Finish, Sleek Bullet, Stainless Steel Mortice Handles, cylinders. Founded in 1974 in Aligarh City, Uttar Pradesh, we have served our customers all over the world for generations in the mechanical security and hardware market.

     Contact Person: Rajesh Kumar
     Telephone:+91 571 2780166
     Mobile:+91 9837429009
     Address:C-226, Sec 2, Tala Nagri, Aligarh 202001
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  • Solar Locks Industries

    Solar Locks Industries

    Manufacturers of cycle frame locks

    Visits 2014

    Manufacturers of cycle frame locks

     Contact Person: mohd ashraf
     Telephone:+91 9412272973
     Mobile:+91 9760659570
     Address:C 254, Sector 2, Tala Nagari, Aligarh 202001
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  • Verified
    Victory Locks

    Victory Locks

    Visits 2496

    A versatile young man with insight, Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim succeeded in developing indigenously at Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh, India) an architectural hardware item matching the expectation of domestic & export market.

     Contact Person: Mohd. Izhar
     Telephone:+91-571-2703380, 2703104
     Mobile:+91 9927003453
     Address:3/97, Anwarul Huda Compund, Lal Diggi, ALIGARH-202002, (U.P.) INDIA
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  • Fitji Locks

    Fitji Locks

    Mfr & supplier of Brass Builders hardware and locks

    Visits 24035

    After being established in 1942 as a family business, the company has moved step with step with the changing scenario of the fast changing market demand. The company has achieved it's goal of providing the genuine worth to the customers with a highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team.

     Contact Person: Manager
     Telephone:+91 571 3265050
     Address:Pala Road, Aligarh - 202 001
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    Rating: 3.4/5 (5 votes cast)
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  • Aplus Locks

    Aplus Locks


    Visits 1167

    Aplus industries has been amongst the pioneers and leading brands in Building Hardware and construction industry. Founded in 1991, it specialized in the area of locks and Premium Quality Brass door handles in brand name of Golden Locks.

     Contact Person: ashish agrawal
     Telephone:+91 9897512332
     Mobile:+91 992 7012 332
     Address:Shri kishan Metal Store, Krishna Puri opp.khirni Gate Police Station, Aligarh-202 001 (UP)
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    Rating: 4.5/5 (2 votes cast)
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