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  • Nova Locks

    Nova Locks

    Nova Lock Industries

    Visits 2424

    All Kinds of locks

     Contact Person: ashok kumar
     Telephone:+91 571 2781464, 2781465
     Mobile:+91 9897186348, 9897186349
     Address:D-88, Sector II, Tala Nagri, Industrial Area, Ramghat Road, Aligarh
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    Rating: 3.3/5 (3 votes cast)
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  • Rina Lock Industries

    Rina Lock Industries

    All Kinds of Locks & Hardware

    Visits 3672

    All Kinds of Steel Furniture Locks

     Contact Person: Asad Riyaz
     Mobile:+91 9897515259
     Address:Nagla Masani Khair Road, Aligarh 202001
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    Rating: 3.2/5 (9 votes cast)
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  • Konark Locks

    Konark Locks

    Konark Group of Companies

    Visits 2362

    Products manufacturing and supplying of konark locks, excellent quality cycle locks, single and double action, zen lock, pad locks, cupboard locks.

     Contact Person: Manoj Varshney
     Telephone:+91 571 2410940, 2410950, 24109630
     Mobile:+91 9837025304
     Address:85-A, Durga Puri, Patel Nagar, Aligarh - 202 001
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    Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)
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  • Link Locks

    Link Locks

    Visits 3533

    India was a developing nation that time and he foresaw the future security needs of the country and started working on high security devices. He inspired professionals of the field & they all gathered around him to translate his dreams of upgrading lock technology into a reality.

     Contact Person: Manager
     Telephone:+91 571 2402322
     Address:C7, Industrial Estate, Aligarh - UP India 202001
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    Rating: 3.0/5 (1 vote cast)
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  • Jamco Locks

    Jamco Locks

    Mfrs. & Exporters of Cylinderical Locks

    Visits 2788

    J. A. Metal Co., established in 2002, has emerged as India’s leading manufacturer and Suppliers of Door Locks, Cylindrical locks etc.

     Contact Person: Suresh Sharma
     Telephone:+91 9837814703
     Mobile:+91 9837814707
     Address:C-200, Sector-1, Tala Nagri, Ramghat Road, Aligarh-202002, (U.P.) INDIA
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    Rating: 4.7/5 (3 votes cast)
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  • HouseKing Locks

    HouseKing Locks

    All Kinds of Locks & Hardware

    Visits 2166

    Mfg. & Suppl. of all kinds of lock and hardware

     Contact Person: Syed Hiader Ali
     Telephone:+91 5712510877
     Mobile:+91 9358052240
     Address:9/65, Mohammad Ali Road, Upper Fort, Aligarh- 202001
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    Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)
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  • Spider Locks

    Spider Locks

    Manufacturers and Exporters of Brass Hardware

    Visits 3136

    For more than 20 years Spider is providing to the customers a range of quality locks & hardware fittings for residential & commercial applications.

     Contact Person: Shobhit Agarwal
     Telephone:+91 571 2780123
     Mobile:+91 9219527707, 9219527703
     Address:A-56, Tala Nagari - II, Ramghat Road, Aligarh - 202 001 U.P. (India)
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    Rating: 3.0/5 (1 vote cast)
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  • Smart Shophar - Curtain Bracket

    Smart Shophar – Curtain Bracket

    Heart of Smart Shopping

    Visits 3857

    SmartShophar.com is one of India's largest online shopping destination for home furnishing products, with the latest catalog of 100% original products for your home such as door handles, locks, hinges, hooks, statues, wall decor and door accessories, including Bath ware, Art ware - Statues.

     Contact Person: Abhinav Vrshney
     Mobile:+91 9997574444
     Address:13/414,Manick Chowk, Agra Road, Aligarh - 202001
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    Rating: 3.8/5 (9 votes cast)
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  • Myto Locks

    Myto Locks

    since 1989

    Visits 3367

    Myto is brand of Milton Enterprises it's reputation in the market for since 1989 in Quality, Timely Delivery, Durability, Competitive Prices & the utmost satisfaction of its Buyer's & all the valuable customers.

     Contact Person: M Shahid
     Telephone:+91 571 2523991,3299295
     Mobile:+91 9837152942
     Address:9/48 Kanwari Ganj Near PNB Bank, Aligarh 202001 UP India
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    Rating: 4.0/5 (1 vote cast)
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  • Guide Locks

    Guide Locks

    A Strong Lock For Complete Safety

    Visits 2657

    We manufacture and export commercial, institutional, and specialty locks. We are capable of providing our customers with customized locks. Our strong manufacturing capabilities and engineering expertise enable us to produce locks in bulks. Each stage of production is monitored under the strict supervision of quality control experts to ensure our locks conform to international standards.

     Contact Person: Saurabh Saini
     Telephone:+(91) (571) 2781050
     Mobile:+(91) - 9897627670
     Address:D-114,115, Sector-I, Talanagri, Ramghat Road, Aligarh-202001
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    Rating: 4.0/5 (3 votes cast)
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