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About VCGC
Vineet Coaching & Guidance Centre was established in the year 2006 by young, dynamic Mr. Vineet Sharma with the vision of not only providing quality education to students but also make them ready for this highly competitive world. With this Vision kept in mind, each & every student at VCGC is counselled personally so as to understand his or her interest and mould them accordingly with the help of Expert Faculty Members in their respective domains. We at VCGC have developed cordial relation among teachers and students, a humble human attitude and a joyous friendship bloom in not only academics but also, various non-academic activities take place as per the demand of CCE and the contemporary arena.

Vineet Coaching

Vineet Coaching

Coaching Offered:

  • Foundation Classes are run from Class VI to X
  • IX AMU Entrance,
  • XI AMU Entrance,
  • NTSE & NSTSE Preparations,
  • Problem Solving Assessment (PSA) for CBSE,
  • Open Test Based Assessments (OTBA),
  • Value Based Questions (VBQ),
  • Assessment of Speaking & Learning (ASL),
  • O.LABS (Online Labs) for Science Practicals

We are trying on the top of our capacity, to built up strong, educated personalities of future for the upcoming society, thus approaching towards betterment and expect the cordial support and hearty cooperation from the society , which we are a part of.
By the grace of God, blessing of our elders, approbation of student community and sheer determination of the management, we hope to ascent in the near future, to an unexpected and unimagined height. What we have achieved is the faith and love, what we are giving is the ├Čreal education├« and what we expect is respect for education and dignity of student teacher relationship.

The students are subjected to the highest degree of labour, confronted with every possible aspect of every topic, henceforth increasing their ability to tackle all sort of problems related to the subject. For this, we are available and ready to help them at any point of time, whether day or night. This virtue is seen in very few teachers of this period.Vineet Coaching & Guidance Centre, 3.4 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

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Vidhya Nagar Colony, Mall Street, Near OLF School, Ramghat Road, Aligarh-202001