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ARCHITECTS TECHNOCONSULT is an architectural, town planning, Interior-designing, engineering, valuation firm and has full-time (PLUS several part-time) professionals specializing in architecture, interior, civil/structural engineering, MEP, town/transport planning, landscaping, quantity surveying, socio-economic and HVAC planning etc.


ARCHITECTS TECHNOCONSULT has been providing services for over 18 years in planning and design of all types of buildings including government buildings, education and health buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, residential, religious, recreational & multistoried buildings etc.


Our corporate head office is in Aligarh, and a branch office is located in New Delhi. We have also been catering to the growing consultancy needs of the Middle East, South Asian and South East Asian countries in close cooperation with other International consultants.

Our multidisciplinary approach leads to efficient, functional, aesthetic and economic complete building solutions. Our architects and engineers work together with CAD specialists and other support staff in achieving the best possible results.


Our well-documented library and computer facilities handle structural planning, analysis, design, costing and CAD and strengthen our efforts in designing and implementing an aesthetic built environment.


A special feature in our Architectural Planning has been the incorporation of Energy efficiency and Environmental concerns together with area specific total solutions.


Selected lists of project types, which we can implement, are:


  • Field surveys and Inventories
  • Housing (single, multistoried and area housing)
  • Industrial Structures (steel trusses, RCC shells etc.)
  • Office Buildings
  • Religious Places and Institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Tourist Resorts and Hotels
  • Public Buildings
  • Academic and Research Institutions and Campuses
  • Recreation – Sporting Centers, Swimming Pools etc.
  • Commercial Buildings



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Ar. M A Malik (B.Arch.Ph.D,MCA,AIIA)


+91 9720492239, 8791644425


+91 571 2400005,

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Ek Minar Colony Dodhpur Aligarh