Lazzat Restaurant

Lazzat Restaurant

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Lazzat Restaurant is one of the famous restaurant in Aligarh.
We have a variety of cuisines and we are famous for our chicken recipes (chicken kadai, chicken punjabi spl,chicken do piaza spl,butter chicken,chicken charminar,chicken dahiwala,chicken korma,chicken tawa etc.)

In a land far, far away, an exceptionally innovative nourishment make understudy imagined about making a place loaded with taste, neighborliness and the joy. Anxious to get the chance to work and loaded with thoughts and reclassify cooking styles he began to conceptualize his fantasy lastly end his gastronomic journey@ LAZZAT. It soon turned into a culinary point of interest, known for its refined, contemporary go up against customary multi cooking styles and Snacks.

Taking after the central of “Advance in human progress has been joined by advance in cookery”, LAZZAT is keeping on conveying the guarantee of sound, simple, clean and wonderful food accessible with in reasonable costs.

At LAZZAT, we guarantee you warm, amicable and customized benefit with a grin. A place to unwind, regardless of whether just without anyone else, or with family, companions or partners. At LAZZAT, every scrumptious dinner arranged with pride and presented with care – is of high caliber but then exceptionally sensible cost. Come taste the life and see the distinction!!

Lazzat Restaurant

Lazzat Restaurant

Contact Person

Syed Naushad Ali





Street Address

Barula Market, Dodhpur Civil Line, Aligarh