Hind College of Fire & Safety Managament

Hind College of Fire & Safety Managament

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Hind College of Fire and Safety Management is the best Fire Safety Management & Training Institute, an unique and one of its kind in the North India with an objective to provide quality ‘hands on training’ in the field of fire and safety.

The Fire & Safety Division meets the educational needs of fire service personnel, from introductory hands-on courses to advanced diploma and degree programs. As emergency response becomes more complex, fire personnel increasingly recognize the need for advanced education and training.

Hind College of Fire and Safety Management was founded in 2013. Its purpose is to encourage an integrated approach to the reduction of life and property loss from fire through rational fire safety decision making. The Institute pursues this goal by application of Information science to collect and organize current and developing fire safety concepts.

Hind College of Fire and Safety Management strives to define and improve the relationships among fire risk analysis, fire modeling, fire risk management, and fire protection engineering. Our purpose here is to enhance the application of fire risk analysis so that it provides an efficient and effective approach to finding solutions to fire safety problems and for selecting among alternative actions or designs.

Hind College of Fire & Safety Management is an ISO 9001-2008 Certified institute has Registered which is having motive in expansion of Safety education and low cost job, oriented education courses and was established in 2013.

Hind College of Fire & Safety Management has introduced FIRE SAFETY COURSES Certificate, Diploma & PG Diploma courses. Safety in an important part of all kind of industries whether it is small or big. Not only Industries our public and private sector non industrials offices also equally require SAFETY measures. So join with us and BE SAFE and learn safety techniques with us in a stipulated manner.

Hind College of Fire & Safety Management is devoted for educational development and has a compact Safety education curriculum on various management modules, which will be very useful for the students and help them in getting jobs.

Employment oriented Courses Offered:

  • Diploma in Fire Safety
  • Diploma in Sub Fire Officer
  • P.G. Diploma in Hazard


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Near Jwalapuri Police Chowki, Etah Chungi Chauraha, G.T. Road, Aligarh-202001