V-Guard Digital Stabilizers

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V-Guard Digital Stabilizers

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V-Guard, India’s leading Electric & Electronic Consumer Products Brand, is a name trusted by over 50 million customers for the past three decades. Renowned for innovative products, world class quality standards and technological excellence, it is India’s No.1 Stabilizers Brand.

V-Guard offers a wide range of products for modern living including electronic stabilizers, digital stabilizers, Stabilizers for ACs, UPS, Digital UPS, Electric Water Heaters, Solar Water Heaters, Pumps, Wiring Cables, Industrial Cables, Fans, Switchgears, and Induction Cooktop. Designed & developed by V-Guard’s ISO 9001 Certified R&D, these products are made from high quality components, quality checked at all stages through the manufacturing process and equipped with latest technology and advanced features to deliver superior performance.


Digital Stabilizer (LCD/LED TV)


* Line noise/ spike protection

* Generator compatibility

* High voltage cut off

* Performs in wide input range

* Primary switching technology

* Zero Cross Detector technology

* Overload cut off with automatic re-set

* Output voltage correction without break

* Mains turn-on delay

Stabilizer for Television / Music System


* Auto restart

* Time delay

* High voltage cut-off

* Variety of colours

Refrigerator Stabilizer


* High Voltage cut-off Protection

* Built In Thermal Overload Protection

* Fail Safe Circuit Protection

* ABS Cabinet

* Warranty

Stabilizer for AC


* Intelligent Time Delay System

* Low & High Voltage Cut-off Protection

* Latest IC Technology

* Built In Thermal Overload Protection

* Wall Mounting Cabinet Design

* Warranty

Washing Machine / Treadmill / Microwave Oven


* Low/high voltage cut off

* Performs in wide Input range

* Primary switching technology

* Mains turn-on delay

* High power efficiency

* Inrush current capability

* ABS Body

* Compact and cost effective

Mainline Stabilizer


* Attractive and compact design

* Overload protection (MCB)

* Volt meter

* High power efficiency

* Inrush current capacity

* Cost effective

* High voltage cut off

* Performs in wide Input Voltage Range

* Table top mountable


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