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  • DCS Caterers

    DCS Caterers

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    We are a Professional Delhi based caterers providing complete catering services for corporate catering, wedding catering, parties, events and Birthday parties. DCS Caterers in Delhi offers Best Services and are leading Caterers which delivers first class food, designed around your needs.

     Contact Person: 0120-2402836- to 39
     Mobile:09412733111, 09818808177, 09690000074
     Address:Ramghat Road, Kishenpur Tiraha, Aligarh 202001
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  • Chandra Tent- Events & Caterers

    Chandra Tent- Events & Caterers

    Full Marriage Arrangement under One Roof

    Visits 1684

    In 1973, the great visionary Late Shri Dinesh Chandra Arya laid foundation of Chandra Tent House and arranging marriages, family functions, social events has been the forte. Carrying the legacy forward, Akash Chandra took a one step ahead and started Chandra Tent- Events & Caterers which has now pioneered themselves in Full Marriage arrangements, Tent arrangements, Flower Decoration, D.J., Devi Jagran, Revolving Stage, Balloon Decoration, Ladies Sangeet, Musical Night, Dhol, Mehndi arrangements, Beauty Parlour, Band Baja and Light Decoration

     Contact Person: Akash Chandra
     Address:Chandra Lodge, Premier Nagar, Aligarh- 202001
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  • B.R. Events

    B.R. Events

    A Complete Event Planner

    Visits 23462

    Looking for acclaimed weddings planners to make the once-in-a-life momentum special and full of sweet memories OR Want to get the services for professional corporate event planners to give any corporate event a special touch of success. Here, at B.R. Events, you will get the right solutions for all kind of events. Established in 2008, The dynamism of two young lads Jay Om Gautam and Rishi Om Gautam has led B.R. Events to a leading event management company in town in such a small period of time. At B.R. Events all types of events are planned, executed to perfection whether it is a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary celebration or any type of corporate events.

     Contact Person: Jay Om Gautam, Rishi Om Gautam
     Telephone:+91-9027743296, +91-8410202047
     Mobile:+91-8410202057, +91-9119773030
     Address:Flat No.12, Keshav Kunj, Near Singhal Dharma Kanta, Agra Road, Aligarh-202001
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    Ab...... Goli Kha!!!!!

    Visits 1666

    Goli Vada Pav is an Indian ethnic snack chain headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The chain's main offering is the vada pav, a staple Mumbai street food. It is positioned as an alternative to traditional fast food and rivals the conventional burger. Our delicacies include Classic Vada Pav, Masala Vada Pav, Aloo Tikki Vada Pav, Mix Veg Vada Pav, Cheese Vada Pav, Makkai Palak Vada Pav, Soya Vada Pav, Cheese Ungli, Sabudana Vada

     Contact Person: O.K. Pathak
     Address:20-ADA Colony, Opp. Our Lady of Fatima School, Ramghat Road, Aligarh-202001
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  • Sushil Caterers

    Sushil Caterers

    Indoor & Outdoor Catering

    Visits 1008

    We at Sushil Caterers provide you TOP class tasty food and exceptional services like wedding planning, theme parties, corporate events, arranging venues and party halls, flower decoration, balloon decoration, theme decoration to make occasion memorable. Number of variety is available according to your taste, style, settings and of course budget.

     Contact Person: Sushil Chandra, Sumit Chandra
     Telephone:+91-9927005097, +91-9359136367
     Address:13/58, Gajadhar Bhawan, Manik Chowk, Aligarh-202001
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  • WOW Vada Pav

    WOW Vada Pav

    Vada Pav & More.....

    Visits 2110

    The WOW Concept is made with an idea of making the all time favorites Indian Ethnic Fast food snacks Hygienic and Standardized. ThWe want to make reach the Indian ethnic food all over the world maintaing its mouth watering yummy taste but in a better way, WOW range of products includes wide range of Indian Street Food like Vada Pavs, Pattys, Momos etc. We are pledged to make WOW the leading Indian Hygienic Fast Food Chain. Our Products are- Standard, Cheese, Schezwan, Veggie, Crunchy, Hot Masala, Makkai Palak, Masala Paneer, Aaloo Tikki, Grill Vada Pav Sandwich, Chatpata Fries, Cheese Sticks, Veg-Biryani, Magic Butter Pav Bhaji, Sabu Dana Vada, Wraps and Momos

     Contact Person: Shankey Varshney, Sagar Varshney
     Address:Madhupuria Market, Near Devatraya Hospital, Ramghat Road, Aligarh-202001
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  • Jagmohans Caterers

    Jagmohans Caterers

    Best Quality Food and Superb Service

    Visits 1209

    Jagmohan Caterers, one of the oldest in Catering Service is the renowned name for its Best Quality Food served with superbness. We provide catering for Marriages, Birthday Parties, Kitty Parties, Seminars, Conferences and other types of parties for various other occasions at very reasonable prices.

     Contact Person: Suresh Gupta
     Address:In Front of Gali No.1 Hanuman Puri, Mahindra Nagar, Aligarh-202001
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    Rating: 4.0/5 (1 vote cast)
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  • Jyoti Caterers

    Jyoti Caterers

    Catering of your Choice

    Visits 1004

    One of the leading Caterers in Aligarh providing catering service in Marriages, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Corporate Events, and many other types of functions at very reasonable cost. We believe in Great Taste served with one of the best delicacies and make your function a memorable one.

     Contact Person: Horilal Saini
     Address:Behind EWS-51, ADA Colony, Preet Nagar, Gali No.1, Ramghat Road, Aligarh-202001
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  • Khyaliram Rajendra Kumar Sweet Centre

    Khyaliram Rajendra Kumar Sweet Centre

    M/s Khyaliram Rajendra Kumar

    Visits 1234

    'Sweet Center' is a family-claimed business with a ceaseless operation for more than nine decades. The voyage of "Sweet Center" started in 1921 by Late Shri Khyali Ram Ji in Mamu Bhanja, Aligarh.

     Contact Person: Amit Kumar
     Address:Mamu Bhanja, Aligarh-202001
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  • Kunjilal Dalsev Wale

    Kunjilal Dalsev Wale

    100% Pure Desi Ghee Preparation

    Visits 1368

    Kunjilal Dalsev Wale was started in 1945, under the guidance of Late Kunjilalji. Started from a very small level then, now Kunjilal Dalsevwale has progressed a lot. It has now two retail outlets in Aligarh. At Kunjilal Dalsev Wale there is a mind boggling stock more than 100 varieties of sweets, namkeens and other traditional eatables. Be it the Bundi Ka Laddu, Sond Papri (Bal Mukund), Karachi Halwa or Balu Shahi, we at Kunjilal Dalsevwale give you the very best and exotic Indian taste.

     Contact Person: Manager
     Address:Phool Chowk, Centre Point, Aligarh-202001
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    Rating: 2.8/5 (4 votes cast)
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