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  • Tawri Locks

    Tawri Locks

    Locks & Hardware

    Visits 238

    We are presenting our new creations in various Finishes like Antique, S/Gold, SS etc. In the brand name TAWRI. Our moto is only your Satisfaction & Safety. We are using high quality material at every stage, we also provide you service, which is one major factor of the marketing.

     Contact Person:  Anu Maheshwari
     Telephone: +(91)-9837024216
     Mobile: +(91)-9837348000
     Address: No. 19/ 303, Adarsh Nagar, Avas Vikas Colony, Sasni Gate,, Aligarh - 202 001, India
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  • Natraj Dance Academy

    Natraj Dance Academy

    Dance & Aerobic Classes

    Visits 40

    All types of Dance including Hip Hop, Lyrical Hip Hop, Bollywood, M.J. Style, Western, Locking Popping, Robo Dance, Break Dance and Aerobic Classes for all age group

     Contact Person:  Sambhav Hariyana
     Telephone: +91-8899388909
     Mobile: +91-9456228494
     Address: 1st Floor, Balaji Plaza, Upper Anant Bakers, Niranjanpuri, Ramghat Road, Aligarh-202001
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