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  • Scientific Lock Industries

    Scientific Lock Industries

    Quality You Can Trust

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    Since 1975, Scientific Lock Industries have been maintaining as well as improving the quality day by day and proving ourselves to be the most trusted brand name in India when it comes to builders hardware and locks. Our wide range of products are included in two broad categories: Locks- Pad Locks, Door Locks, Shutter Locks, Round Shutter Locks, Entrance Locks, Multipurpose Locks, Ten Chaal Lock (Our Specialty product), Mortise Locks Builders Hardware- Mortise Pairs, Cabinet Handles, Door Fittings, Aldrops, Tower Bolts, etc.

     Contact Person:  Sunil Kumar, Anil Kumar, Amit Kumar, Sumit Kumar
     Telephone: +91-571-2420176
     Mobile: +91-9411414164, 9412595654, 9760088181, 9911015165
     Address: Scientific lock Industries, Manik Chowk, Aligarh-202001
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