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  • Kapil Jewellers

    Kapil Jewellers

    Silver, Gold & Diamond Jewellery

    Visits 1145

    An exclusive range of 916 Hallmarked Gold Ornaments. We deal in 100% Certified Diamond Jewellery, precious and semi-precious stones. OUR PURITY YOUR SURITY.

     Contact Person: Kapil Maheshwari
     Address:Vikram Arcade, Railway Road, Near Apsara Cinema, Aligarh-202001
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  • Pankaj Jewellers

    Pankaj Jewellers

    Visits 3103

    Gold jewellery , presents unique & latest collection of Diamond Jewellery, Valentines Day Gifts, Diamond Pendants, Necklaces, Gold Chain

     Contact Person: Pankaj Garg
     Telephone:+91-571-2742071, 0571-2742113
     Mobile:+91 9837135000
     Address:102-03, Great Shopping Mall, Ramghat Road, Aligarh-202001
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    Rating: 3.3/5 (6 votes cast)
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  • Radheshyam Rohitash Kumar Jewellers

    Radheshyam Rohitash Kumar Jewellers

    Visits 1375

    We deal in jewelleries made of Diamond, Uncut Diamond, Gold and Silver. Our designs are unique and trendy which anyone would like on his or her very first sight. At Railway Road, Aligarh, we are carrying forward our traditional business which has been there since many decades and maintaining the brand value since then. This expertise of so many years is quite evident in our work which has always provided us with excellent jewellery.

     Contact Person: Vishal Gupta
     Address:R.S. Plaza, Railway Road, Aligarh-202001
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  • Aman Jewellers

    Aman Jewellers

    Silver, Gold and Diamond Jewelleries & Birthstones

    Visits 1703

    We are the one of the most sought Jewellers in Aligarh. Deals in all types of Silver, Gold and Diamond Jewelleries and Birthstones.

     Contact Person: Tanmay Gupta
     Telephone:+91 571 2525218
     Mobile:+91 9568880010, 9837034697
     Address:21-26, Indira Market, Railway Road, Aligarh.
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  • Rakesh Jewellers

    Rakesh Jewellers

    100% Pure Gold & Silver Jewellery

    Visits 1913

    Rakesh Jewellers under the able leadership of Shri Rakesh Singh & his Son Mr. Jitendra Singh, since its inception, over the years it has become synonymous with outstanding designs, exquisite workmanship and impeccable purity. With a keen eye on detail, Rakesh Jewellers is committed to quality and service, creating wearable pieces of art.

     Contact Person: Rakesh Singh, Jitendra Singh
     Address:Lodhi Guest House, Naurangabad, Aligarh-202001
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  • Belon Wale Dinesh Jewellers Pvt. Ltd.

    Belon Wale Dinesh Jewellers Pvt. Ltd.

    100% Hallmarked Jewellery

    Visits 3291

    We deals in 100% Hallmarked Gold Jewellery and IGI Certified Diamond Jewellery. We have a exclusive showroom for all Kinds of Gold, Silver, Diamond, Kundan, Antique Jewellery and Birth Stones.

     Contact Person: Priyank Gupta, Divyanshu Gupta
     Telephone:+91 571 2525858, 2512222
     Mobile:+91 8057777770, 8057777700
     Address:17-18, Indira Market, Railway Road, Aligarh 202001
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  • Garg Jewellers

    Garg Jewellers

    Visits 826

     Telephone: +(91)-571-2402777, 3031222
     Address:Centre Point, State Bank Rd., Aligarh Ho, Aligarh - 202001
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  • Radhe Shyam Jewellers

    Radhe Shyam Jewellers

    Visits 1354

     Address:Railway Road, Aligarh Ho, Aligarh - 202001
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  • Radhey Krishan Jewellers

    Radhey Krishan Jewellers

    Visits 914

     Address:Jawaher Nagar, Mahavir Singh Mkt, Aligarh Ho, Aligarh - 202001
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  • NU Pramod Jewellers

    NU Pramod Jewellers

    Purity Is Our First Priority

    Visits 476

    A Branded & Hallmark Jewellery Showroom where you get the best selected designer products of Diamond, Gold & Silver at the lowest price ever in the market. PP Jewellers,, D'Damas, JewelOne, Emerald, ACPL and many more at one and only place. Visit to get more excited offers.

     Contact Person: Pralav Varshney
     Address:A/23, Pawan Palace, Samad Road, Aligarh
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